Board of Directors

Shachar Efal




Shachar Efal is the chairman of SPIKEIT. Mr. Efal has over 20 years of experience in IT services and is one of the most highly regarded IT executives in Israel. Mr. Efal is also the CEO of Ness Technologies Israel and was one of the founders of the company.


Lior Ben Ami




Lior Ben-Ami is a CEO of SPIKEIT where he is responsible for sales and marketing as well as implementing the company's business goals. Mr. Ben-Ami has many years of experience in establishing and developing new companies. Mr. Ben-Ami was one of the founders of HELP PC, the national center for home computing support, and managed the division of communication products at Siemens, Israel. Mr. Ben-Ami has extensive experience in building solutions and implementing them in the private and business sector.


David Chouraqui




David Chouraqui is a Director of SPIKEIT he is a serial entrepreneur and formerly served as Senior Vice President of business development and technologies at Ness Technologies. Mr. Chouraqui has extended experience in developing companies, implementing new technologies and adapting them to organizations and institutions.