CyberScan Data Sanitization System

Stop unknown threats (“Zero Day Attacks”) from entering your corporate network


Today’s cybersecurity solutions such as Anti-Virus Engines, Firewalls and Content Filtering systems usually protect your corporate network from known threats.


The latest problem is the zero-day attack, which is an exploit that takes advantage of a software vulnerability unknown to security professionals. Because it's an unknown bug, no virus and spyware signature updates have been issued yet to thwart the malware so it penetrates deep into the enterprise, causing damage for days, if not weeks, before a fix is available.


CyberScan Data Sanitization System protects your network from known and unknown (zero day) malware attacks originated from any external source such as removable media, email attachments, browser downloads, USB and external storage devices etc.


How it works:

  • An employee receives a file, CD/DVD, USB Key from a customer or another external source and needs to save it in the company's network.
  • He inserts the USB / DVD to a Sanitization WorkStation or to his own corporate desktop equipped with Cyber-Scan Sanitization software.
  • He selects the files / folders he needs to Sanitize and clicks “Sanitize”
  • The files are securely sent to a Sanitization Server, processed, “cleaned” and sent to the user’s personal corporate folder.
  • The user receives an email with a link to the Sanitized file/folder.


Our solution includes the following features:

  • Malware and Zero-Day threat discovery
  • Multiple Virus Engine check (5 - 30 AV engines)
  • Profile-based workflow and permission system
  • File detection based on MIME type / headers and not file extensions
  • Office, PDF and image conversion to eliminate or reduce zero-day threats
  • Removal of macros from Office files
  • Conversion of Office files and images to PDF
  • Deep scanning of archive files, with support to all archive types
  • Internal reputation engine


CyberScan is in use by leading defense, government and enterprise organizations and is deployed in various architectures including private cloud architecture enabling users to sanitize data from their corporate desktops, standalone sanitization workstations and our unique “Sanitization on a Stick” solution based on a hardened read-only secured bootable USB appliance.