Digital schoolbag for Education

Today, most schools are using old computers  in designated computer labs which makes working on the computer very difficult for students and creates great maintenance expenses for the school. In addition students experience discontinuity because their home computers are not equipt with the same software as the computers provided by the school. In more wealthy areas parents buy their children expensive laptops and tablets they can use at school and at home, but these are often lost or break and this also creates a gap between geographical school areas.


SpikeIT gives you an alternative solution - a digital schoolbag for every student


The Windows To Go Live Drive is a USB-SSD device containing the student’s Windows desktop environment, enabling him/her to have his/her classroom environment available anywhere. Students and educators can insert the Windows To Go Live Drive into any PC and boot their full desktop containing personal settings and remote access configuration. When they are done, they remove the drive and leave nothing behind. 



Advantages for the student:

  • Personal, affordable computer that fits in your pocket
  • Updated programs – Windows 8, Office 2013
  • Identical and personal workplace at school and at home
  • Automatic backup of information and possibility to work online and offline.
  • Full mobility between school and home
  • No need to carry an expensive laptop or tablet that can break or get lost or stolen
  • Security with password and code, privacy protection
  • Information can be restored on the cloud independently


Advantages for the school:

  • There is no need to change the existing infrastructure and the device allows high mobility between classrooms
  • Upgrade to advanced operating systems and programs almost without having to upgrade the hardware
  • Reduces maintenance costs at school
  • Reduces the need to purchase new computers
  • Digital books and educational software can be installed on the device.
  • Social Justice -  All students have identical workspaces without any relation to their abilities or their financial capabilities