SWIFT Life Line on a Stick

“SWIFT Life Line on a Stick" - A Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solution for SWIFT Workstations


SPIKEIT offers a solution for enabling SWIFT customers to have access to SWIFT servers in DR/BC scenario.


The challenge:

SWIFT requires specific desktop configurations and environment to function properly:

  • Specific browser version
  • Specific Java version
  • Swift Token driver
  • Etc.

Customers therefore need to keep SWIFT configured desktops in their DR site. These desktops are regularly updated for other uses and the browser/java versions change to non-supported ones and therefore do not always function in a DR event.



SPIEKIT’s SWIFT LIFE LINE on a STICK is a Bootable, Read-Only USB drive, containing Windows, a supported browser, Java and Swift driver versions.


The customer needs to keep as many SWIFT LIFE LINE on a STICK USB drives as needed for disaster recovery. Users can even use these devices for their day to day work and always keep the devices with them.


In a DR event, users insert the SWIFT LIFE LINE on a STICK device into any desktop, boot from USB and the system is ready for use.


Device configuration and architecture: