CYREBRO provides the world’s first fully operational SOC product through a unique online platform, designed to utilize the existing security systems in the company. This Includes 24/7 Monitoring, investigation and response, Cyber threat intelligence and professional Incident Response. All fully operated through the CYREBRO online Platform. Cyrebro help organizations control and operate their cyber security remotely as a professional extension. Providing an organizational cyber and IT security platform that is
active, accessible, and learning 24/7.
One, highly advanced, online security operation platform, acting 24/7 to enable the organization to better defend, identify and respond to cyber and IT security incidents.
CYREBRO platform, being fully technology agnostic, truly covers the entire security eco system within the organization. Providing our clients with control and visibility 24/7, operating their own security remotely and in the most effective and tactical manner.

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