Rapid 7 - Appspider

  Application Assessment for the Modern World


Discover security holes in even the most complex applications.

• Know Your Weak Points

• Prioritize What Matters Most


• Improve Your Position


With AppSpider, you can:

• Close the coverage gap with our universal translator
• Intelligently simulate real world attacks• Continuously monitor your applications

• Stay authenticated for deep assessment

While today’s malicious attackers pursue a variety of
goals, they share a preferred channel of attack - the
millions of custom web, mobile, and cloud applica
tions companies deploy to serve their customers.
AppSpider dynamically assesses these applications
for vulnerabilities across all modern technologies,
provides tools that speed remediation, and monitors
applications for changes. Keep your applications
safe and secure now and moving forward.


Know Your Weak Points

AppSpider automatically finds vulnerabilities across a wide range ofapplications - from the relatively simple to the most complex - and it
includes unique capabilities that enable teams to automate more of
the security testing program across the entire software develop
ment lifecycle, from creation through production.
Coverage is the first step to scanner accuracy. Scanners were
originally built with a crawl and attack architecture, but crawling
doesn’t work for web services and other dynamic technologies.
AppSpider can still crawl traditional name=value pair formats like
HTML, but it also has a universal translator that can interpret the
new technologies being used in today’s web and mobile applications
(AJAX, GWT, REST, JSON, etc.).