SentinelOne Core​

Made for every organization that wants top-notch protection without the hassle of complex management or the need for highly skilled security analysts. SentinelOne consolidates attack prevention, detection, response, and recovery into a single agent that protects Windows, Mac and Linux. SentinelOne “Core” is the bedrock of our platform.

SentinelOne Core features include:

  • Endpoint Prevention (EPP) to stop a wide range of malware, Trojans, hacking tools, and ransomware before they start

  • ActiveEDR Basic for Detection & Response (EDR) works in real time with or without cloud connectivity. ActiveEDR detects highly sophisticated malware, memory exploits, script misuse and other fileless attacks as they attempt to do damage. 

  • ActiveEDR responds at machine speed to autonomously contain damage
  • ActiveEDR recovery gets users up and running in minutes and includes 100% remediation as well as rollback for Microsoft Windows


Endpoint Protection


Active EDR

Suite Features

EDR/ Threat Hunting

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