Rapid 7 - Vulnerability Management

Rapid 7 - Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management software to help you act at the moment of impact

Vulnerabilities pop up every day. You need constant intelligence to discover them, locate them, prioritize them for your business, and confirm your exposure has been reduced. Nexpose, Rapid7’s on-premises option or InsightVM , Rapid7’s hybrid option for vulnerability management software, monitors exposures in real-time and adapts to new threats with fresh data, ensuring you can always act at the moment of impact.

Know Where to Focus

Most scanners score risk using a High/Medium/Low scale or the 1-10 CVSS scale. But when you have 400 highs, where do you start? Nexpose provides a more actionable 1-1000 risk score. We look at the vulnerability’s age, what exploits are available for it, and which malware kits use it to help you prioritize the highest risk vulnerabilities. If you have time to fix only 10 things today, fix where attackers will focus.

  • Create asset groups with 50+ filters that automatically update after every scan to keep up with changing networks.
  • Tag important assets as critical to filter them to the top of your remediation reports.
  • Know which vulnerabilities can be actively exploited – and which to fix first – via our Metasploit integration.


Why Rapid7 Managed VM

We’ve helped organizations with vulnerability management for over a decade, offering the leading solution in the market. We also recognize that for some teams, powerful technology alone doesn’t guarantee success. Developing a true vulnerability management program requires time and resources to prioritize what’s most critical in the context of your business, remediate vulnerabilities, and establish sustainable processes for working within and across teams.


Our Managed Vulnerability Management (Managed VM) service takes all the power of InsightVM—including comprehensive asset discovery, cloud configuration, container assessment, reporting, and more—and layers on the expertise of Rapid7 professionals. Our experts’ tailored recommendations help you manage, execute, and optimize your vulnerability management program. Not only does this allow you to offload day-to-day operations, but also lets you allocate people, time, and resources to other areas of security so you can your risk exposure and strengthen your overall security posture.

Along with your dedicated Security Advisor, our team will handle the configuration, scanning, and reporting for you so that your team doesn’t have to spend extra time getting trained or offloading other important initiatives. They act as an extension of your team, and your top priorities are theirs. All that’s left for your team to take care of is the actual execution of remediation.

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