Rapid 7- InsightIDR


Cut Through the Noise to Detect Attacks

Getting too many worthless alerts?
Rapid7 InsightIDR leverages attacker analytics to detect intruder
activity, cutting down false positives and days’ worth of work for
your security professionals. It hunts for actions indicative of
compromised credentials, spots lateral movement across assets,
detects malware, and sets traps for intruders.

Adapt to evolving threats. InsightIDR leverages machine learning

allowing the solution to continuously evolve, as attackerbehaviors do.


Expose attackers’ hiding spots. InsightIDR monitors and tracks to

detect local account abuses, malicious processes, and log manip


Trip intruders with deception. InsightIDR makes it easy to set

traps to detect intruders when they initially explore the network,
before they do damage.

Eliminate alert fatigue. InsightIDR’s intruder analytics, based on

years of learnings from our incident response, penetration
testing, and Metasploit teams, quickly discern likely attackerbehavior.