Rapid 7

Innovation is a funny thing (in a cosmic sort of way).



While it’s driving your business forward, it can also expose it to new risks. Vulnerabilities increase,
threat vectors get larger, and operating a high-performing IT infrastructure gets harder. In order for
security and IT professionals to ensure our organizations are benefting from the latest connected
technologies while protected from the risks they introduce, all they have to do make sense of this
lil’ ol’ paradox. If only it were that simple.
Well, with Rapid7, it kind of is. Our products make your data more productive, unlocking answers
you can use to remediate vulnerabilities, detect breaches, enhance IT operations, and more. How?
They collect operational data from across your entire ecosystem - logs, endpoints, everything
- then apply real-time analytics powered by an unmatched understanding of attackers and IT
operations. It’s a process that transforms your data into insight, prioritizes it based on your business
objectives, and helps coordinate workflow to resolve the problem. In other words, we get the
right answers to the right people at the right time, so you’re always ready to detect and remediate
attacks while eliminating obstacles to IT productivity.
We offer a suite of products to help you securely develop, operate, and manage your applications
and services:
Nexpose | Vulnerability Management

Metasploit | Penetration Testing
AppSpider | Application Security
InsightIDR | User Behavior Analytics & SIEM


For more information, visit  http://www.rapid7.com