Secure remote access for employees

Encourage remote access with secure and user-friendly solutions 


Today, most enterprises offer employees the option to work from home in some way or another. However, attacks on endpoints are increasing and organizations are gaining awareness of the security issues that come with remote access.


Often, there is no budget to buy new PCs for teleworkers and thus employees use their personal computers as the primary tool for their work and network access. This causes great strain to the company’s help desk as employees run and install different applications including malware and viruses. 


Windows To Go Live Drives allows organizations full control over their remote end-points, including the operating system, the latest Anti-Virus and VPN Client, thus guaranteeing secure remote access for their employees. The Windows To Go Live Drive device leaves no trace on the host PC.



  • Secure / protected and encrypted hardware device.
  • Full Enterprise Desktop which allows better user experience than VDI and working offline.
  • Allows BYOD office (including Mac).
  • Simple remote operational connectivity (Plug & Play).
  • Save up to 70% compared to Laptops and save on operating costs.
  • Solution for confidential information mobility.
  • Employees "travel light" with our Windows To Go Live Drives that fit right in your pocket.


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