Upgrade your PCs

Upgrade your PC's in 5 min flat and save money


Today, many organizations are using old computers that do not have the strength or memory to run new operating systems or applications. Their options are to buy new hardware and software, which is a great burden to the company’s budget, or to upgrade existing computers which requires backing up data, formatting the computer and reinstalling all software and hardware. This process is complex and costly.  



SpikeIT offers a sophisticated SSD USB device (Windows To Go Live Drive) that upgrades the organization’s computers in five minutes flat. The Windows To Go Live Drive contains the user's organizational Desktop and upgrades the computers to WIN 8.1 and Office 2013 in no time. After the Windows To Go Live Drive  is installed, the user's experience is as if he were working on a new computer. 




  • No need to purchase a new computer – up to 70% savings.
  • No need to change the status quo in terms of infrastructure
  • Upgrade the user’s experience by upgrading the operating system and advanced software with minimal hardware upgrade.
  • Fast installation without needing to format old computers or back up data.
  • A significant reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Replacement for “thin client”.