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VPN access to organizations is carried out from unknown workstations – employee’s home computers, external contractor’s laptops, etc. In order to protect the organization’s network, the external users are required to install an Anti-Virus software, a VPN client and a preferred version of Web browser on their home computer . This makes an IT operational complexity and a security exposure. Windows To Go Live Drives by SPYRUS enable the organization to provide their external contractors and employees with a unique USB-SSD ultra-fast and secured device, containing a standard enterprise Windows operating system that includes the full enterprise desktop on a USB stick. The device is encrypted and is protected with the highest standards (Fips 140-2 Level 3 and XTS-AES256) and allows the user to carry his personal corporate desktop with him.



Windows To Go Live Drives - specifications:                                                  

Hardware SSD-USB3 Ultra-fast 32GB-2TB device

  • XTS-AES 256  Hardware Encryption
  • Designed to boot from almost any Desktop/Laptop
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 temper proof and water resistant device
  • Built-in Smart-Card token for strong authentication (Compliant with Microsoft, Checkpoint, Juniper and other VPN solutions and CAs)
  • Complete separation from the host PC, leaves no trace
  • Reset-Write-Protect optional feature resets the drive after each boot
  • Provisioning workstation supports SCCM and multiple device fast provisioning
  • Management server enables to audit, reset password, remote wipe, disable and enable the devices
  • Central device management


How it works:



Central Device Management:


The central device management system allows your organization to control and monitor its Windows To Go Live Drive devices.

  • Remotely disables or destroys devices
  • Lock and block the remote device and reopen it if necessary (disable / enable)
  • You can define that the device will not work at all if it is not connected to the management system
  • Monitor the use of SPW, Login and AUDIT
  • Lost password recovery mechanism
  • Audits user actions


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