Harmony IoT

Harmony IoT

Protect your Assets and Airspace from IoT Attacks
Block man in the middle attacks

In today’s smart-connected world, Harmony IoT delivers an enterprise-grade defense for your airspace that protects you from IoT – and wireless-borne attacks. 

Recently, many companies are offering the option of working from home, or even requiring it and therefore remote work has become part of the new normal way of working.

Harmony IoT solution extends corporate on-premise wireless protection to the employee’s remote work location, incorporating it into Harmony-IoT’s on-premise protective shield and dashboard.

The solution helps companies to find attacks from outside the company on the air, Bluetooth and WiFi.

It’s scan the air for Bluetooth devices, Wifi networks and other devices and check if they try to attack the other devices in order to take clients credentials / sensitive data

When a bridge happens, you get alerts, you can block the device and isolate it from the network.

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