Continuous Compliance 

JetPatch constantly monitors for new vulnerabilities and patches and automatically remediates during your already scheduled maintenance windows

Rapid Vulnerability Remediation

Shorten time-to-remediation by quickly discovering new vulnerabilities and required patches and deploying them with automated processes

Automated Workflows

Automatically execute patch rollout workflows by server groups and maintenance windows. Accelerate testing-staging-production cycles, ensuring patches are deployed without errors

Consistent Process

JetPatch establishes a recurring organization and systems vulnerability and patch remediation process.

Complete Visibility

Eliminate patch blind spots with full discovery of all servers, OSs and applications — including those not in CVS or repositories — and compare installed patches to baseline

Seamless Integration

JetPatch works seamlessly with your existing patch managers, as well as your ITSM, downtime manager and job scheduler

Centralized Governance

Ensure a consistent patch and vulnerability process across all environments based on industry best practices


JetPatch is a SaaS service that is always up-to-date with new vulnerabilities and patches.

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